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Happy New Year!!!

January 5, 2010

So I’m a few days late.  What of it?  That’s how I roll.  I truly hope you have and incredible 2010.  I am planning on doing all that is in my power to make this year the BEST!   So, I’m going to let you in on my New Year’s resolutions.

For 2010, I plan to:

  • Simplify my life

There you have it folks.  That is my goal for the year.  I know, the list is short.  But, do you have any idea the implications of achieving this goal?  Simplifying just might make me a better momma, a better wife, a better photographer, a better business woman, a better friend, a better cook, a better house keeper, a better eater, a better exerciser, a better rememberer (just made that word up, and it make total sense), a better me.  God made me to be me.  But, it seems over the last couple of years the clutter of life has suppressed my inner Maggie.  And by clutter I mean, being “too busy”, laundry, finances, the 37 dried-up  ink pens in my pencil holder, a pair of size zero jeans that still hang in my closet, unnecessary obligations, basically anything that I don’t need, is going “to the goodwill”.  Ok, no I won’t send the 37 dried up pens to Goodwill.  But everything else is going, I swear.  I plan to spend the next 360 days relishing in my more simple, peaceful life.

What about you?  What changes are you going to make this year?  Better yet, what changes did you make today?

A change I made yesterday was saying “to heck with everything I need to get done today!”.  I took my girls sledding for the first time.  Ever.  Just the three of us, and it was fun.  Every minute of it was fun.  I miss being a kid.

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  1. January 7, 2010 1:18 pm

    that’s prefect.

    Keep it simple. great reminder. Thanks.

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