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Ben Stein

February 12, 2009

Ben Stein spoke at the University here in my town a couple of nights ago.  He was, to say the least, BRILLIANT!  John and I had to sit in the nosebleed seats, but I did go down to the stage level to grab a couple of shots.  Something I learned about the man is that he doesn’t open his eyes very much.  LOL.  I guess when I  think about it, his eyes are always kind of droopy and half-opened on t.v., but man!  It was hard to get a shot of him that you could see his eyes in.  Just know, that in the picture below with his eyes showing somewhat, he is bugging them out!

 I wanted to include the picture (though the image quality is terrible) that shows his sneakers.  They are so HIM.  He said that once, as a joke, a fan gave him a pair of Simple skater shoes and after he tried them on, he was hooked.  He even humored us with a little “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller”.  The man is a real character and so level headed.  I’m so glad we got the opportunity to go see him speak!


A picture of Ben Stein taking a picture…




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